Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Daycation, Part I: Zoo

For a couple weeks, Sana and I had plans to drive to Brevard County (only an hour away) today and check out the zoo. I got the idea after seeing a friend's photo. There were camels! But we didn't see any camels when we went. Lame. However, on the bright side, I suppose that makes one less experience of being spit on. Here are some of my favorite pics that I was able to take. Thank goodness Michael convinced me to bring the zoom lens!
 The bird didn't move the whole time. Sana took a Polaroid of me with him!
 Polite bunny shared his fruits & veggies with a squirrel.
 Mega Hamster!!
 Sana was frightened by the huge turtle which kept walking closer to me as I continued to take his photo.

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