Thursday, May 3, 2012

Bath Tiiimes!

Today was very relaxed with lots of time to do whatever.. Sleep, catch up on my shows, learn some interesting facts about the girls who write my favorite blogs, watch baby tape DVDs and finally give Sasha a bath! 
Of course she didn't like it very much, but she was good and stayed in the tub until I let her jump out. I was even able to get a video for Michael and some cute pictures of her. Its been about an hour now and she doesn't seem to mind being soggy like last time. She normally scoots herself all along the carpet to dry herself off, but now she just wants to lay her stinky (since she's still damp) body on me!
I've eaten all the junk food in our house over the past two days, such as the last of the bagel bites and ice cream. During the America's Next Top Model ads on Hulu, I'm looking up fitness pictures and healthy meals on Pinterest. Milk commercials get me pumped!


  1. I like these two photos, and I like the close-up best. I know how much you enjoy having Sasha around the house. Thanks for the blog updates - we enjoy them. -D