Monday, May 21, 2012

Graffiti Junktion

Since Michael and I will be moving soon-ish, and not just to another part of Orlando, Sana and I have kicked up our "trying new things/ visiting new places" adventures into high gear. Although, most of the places we go to eat, Sana has already been, they are firsts for me! I'm excited to explore what I've missed so far = more fun blog updates.
I met at her apartment around 1pm and we drove to a restaurant called Graffiti Junktion in College Park. I had been to a different one before during Full Sail with some friends for a karaoke night. I don't count that as a place I have eaten an before because I think they just brought us free nachos? The weather was nice today, so we sat outside. I got the Turkey Taco Salad, which was very delicious and the spice level of the turkey was only about a 3 - just the way I like it!
After lunch we went to the East Orange Shooting Sports (gun range) by work. I was very nervous at first, even seeing all the guns on the wall. The guy was helpful though and I was very cautious. Sana shot first then I had a turn with the 22 caliber. I shot five and when two of the bullets went through the orange circle in the middle, I was done. Thankfully it barely had any recoil. And since I did go from "Please don't make me do this" to "Sure, we can go back in a couple weeks", now Michael wants me to get one. As always, no thank you!

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