Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Birthday Princess

Yesterday was Jordyn's 4th birthday. How precious. And to celebrate ~ she went with Jessica, Jonathan and James to Disney! They got to their resort today around 2:00pm and with Jessica's very helpful landmark clues, I was able to find my way to where they were staying. The five of us took a bus to the front of Magic Kingdom, but walked ahead to the monorail. We stopped at the Polynesian Resort where we followed the pool and beach area to the boat dock. For whatever reason, today Jordyn enjoyed a game of "don't look at Rachel's camera" so I was lucky to get this beautiful shot before we departed on the boat. I liked holding her tiny hand and we bonded over being hungry and thirsty, so together we stopped at each water fountain and shared a pack of peanut butter crackers that I had. I pointed out other little princesses her age who had glittery Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty dresses on. Jordyn is most excited to meet Belle and Rapunzel, so I look forward to seeing their family photos in a few days! It was nice getting to spend time with them again. I don't think I had seen Jonathan in a year, since the wedding. Jessica said we are getting spoiled because we have seen each other twice in two months. I'm hoping we can make that a habit. Maybe I can make a trip up to Atlanta in June?!

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  1. What a sweet post! We were so happy to see you today!!!