Tuesday, May 29, 2012

"Life's Too Short to Blind People with Rock Salt"

This past weekend in Alachua was a nice getaway. I will admit that my internal clock's schedule got out of whack and I slept far too much, but the sleepover with Mia was well worth it and I am now on another glorious Glee binge, watching three or four episodes every night. Unfortunately, we did not have our much anticipated Indian Adventure, or visit kittens at the animal shelter(s), but still forced ourselves to be awake for breakfast with Grandpa on Saturday morning. We did get to spend a couple hours with Sharanya at her new house in the woods beneath the stars. She says there is a creek with a ten foot waterfall near her house, so we will have to check that out next time. Sometimes I wish I could stay for a longer amount of time, especially when I try to make lots of fun plans, but I would want Michael and Sasha there too.
Last night Michael and I had dinner at Sweet Tomatoes then enjoyed a run through Target before they closed. I got a new skirt for work and a colorful tank top. Its going to be my favorite beach outfit for July! As the manager announced on the intercom that we had to check out, I ran to the freezer aisle for more strawberry flavored Toaster Strudels then yelled in Michael's direction, asking if he wanted one or two packs. He laughed and asked if I felt like we were on a timed game show. (He wanted two and yes, I did.) At home we snuggled on the couch with Sasha and watched our Netflix movie, The Darkest Hour. This morning after being woken up by intense thunder, Michael suggested we have breakfast at Denny's before work. That was a fun surpise. I tried the Fit Slam with spinach and tomatoes scrambled into egg whites, an English muffin and fruit. Not bad!

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