Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Wekiwa Springs

Thank goodness for the call I got at Wekiwa Springs last week and had to look up the address, because that interested me in going there with Sana today! It was a nice place in a beautiful area of Altamonte/Apopka. The plan is to get another disposable underwater camera and go back ~ hopefully with Michael too and rent the kayaks or canoes. Another area of that park has a horse back riding area, incase you (Daddy) want to go there next time you come to visit.
I was super wimpy for about twenty minutes, fearing the cold water. The website said it was 73 degrees all the time and normally I won't even get into a pool unless its 86! But I kept thinking about the risks and "jumps" Michael mentioned we need to take more often - more about moving and pursuing our dreams. 
Finally when Sana counted to three for me, I pushed myself off the ledge. And once I was in, even though it was cold, I was glad I did it and didn't have to leave with regrets. (Thanks for taking pictures of me, Sana!)
For lunch we went to 4Rivers. I had been to one before down Fairbanks Ave, but this one was in Longwood and thank goodness there wasn't a super long Disney line, which normally happens because they are so popular. Food photos: I got pulled pork and Sana got a chicken salad sandwich with grapes in it.

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  1. Another great post! First, do their have horses there, or is it intended for you to bring your own horse and ride their trails? The water looks as clear as most Caribbean shores during a cruise vacation. Glad to hear you taking Michael's words to heart, and for you to "just do it" getting wet and swimming. That's one swim you'll never forget! And you can tease Michael until he goes with you and he gets wet. And I mean an underwater plunge! Second, the food looks delicious. And you got my favorite - pulled pork. Thanks for including a lot of pictures. I enjoy that, and it helps to illustrate the story. So happy for you and Sana. - D