Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Daycation, Part II: Lunch, etc

Sana introduced me to another new restaurant called Dixie Crossroads. They had 4 foot tall shrimp figurines inside and outside. They were kind of creepy, but that didn't stop us from taking pictures with them afterward! A lot of the menu items included fish and shrimp, so I just got a hamburger. But as their free appetizer, they had sweet powdered sugar covered corn fritters. They were really good! I'd go back just for those babes. The bathrooms were suspiciously fancy as well.
The third part of our daycation involved finding a trail called "The Enchanted Forest".  The first trail we went down quickly opened up to a bare sandy area with dead tree branches and cacti. 
We didn't stay very long because it got super hot really quickly and Sana didn't feel well. I was fine with leaving early if it meant getting a shower sooner! She ended up laying down at our apartment until she felt better. Here is a flower I snapped a picture of before we left:
Can't wait until the next Daycation! =)

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  1. I like these photos in today's blog. And the zoo pics were interesting. (But, no camel - huh?) Thanks for sharing your experiences. -D