Monday, May 14, 2012

Weekend Rundown

Phew! What a weekend. Thursday wasn't the best night after I came home and Michael said that we were 100 percent, no doubt about it, definitely moving to Los Angeles (specifically Burbank or Glendale) in January. I cried for a long time that night and ignored him the next morning. But on Friday I did a lot of thinking and walking and praying, all while trying to be positive.
It worked well enough and Michael and I decided to have an anniversary date re-do. I met him at Ripley's at 4:45pm and he gave me a tour. His work area was smaller than I expected, but very interesting. And I got to meet Bruce. We went to dinner at Bahama Breeze and played mini golf afterwards. He won.
On Saturday we went to the Outlet Mall behind our apartment because Michael needs new shoes. However, he left empty handed, but bought me a new pair of black flats for work. & for a late dinner that night: Waffle House. Yesterday we slept in a lot and ran errands to Bed Bath & Beyond and the Florida Mall. Still no new shoes for Michael, but we stopped for a snack at Auntie Anne's. At 7pm, we left to meet some of Michael's friends at a bar for the Zombie Rockabilly Weekend wrap party. We didn't stay long and rented "Tower Heist". These past few days have been a much needed amount of time together. (These pretty photos around Los Angeles were found on Pinterest. No credit to myself.)

I'm on a new schedule now for my final month of training. I'll work from 4pm (or 5pm on 11 hour days) until 4am. So I've been up since noon trying to finish laundry and run errands before going to work.

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  1. You're upset about moving out to California? You seemed excited about it in your books if I recall correctly.