Wednesday, July 17, 2013

More with Ryan & Ben!

On July 11th, Ryan and Ben spent the day at Venice Beach while Michael and I slept in and ran errands. When they got back around 7:30pm, we all had dinner together at Chevy's before I left for work. On the 12th, they saw a movie with circus friends and for dinner we all went to Pitfire Pizza.
The 13th and 14th were the nights when Ryan and Ben stayed in a hotel, which is completely understandable for them to want alone time! I know I go crazy without my time alone, although I do feel that I have required little less as I have gotten older. But they also did the WB Studio tour and spent a day sleeping and "doing nothing". On the 15th they did the main touristy stuff along Hollywood Boulevard, then went to Fatburger (Michael and I have not eaten there). When they got back with their food, they were in a minor disagreement over wand ownership, ha! So what better way to solve it than by watching Harry Potter 7, part 2, which explains a wand's allegiance.

Yesterday, thanks to the free tickets Ben was able to get for us, Michael and I went to the circus!! We left at 9am with Ryan to meet Ben at the car rental place where he had been signing the release papers. Then the four of us drove to L.A. Live (or "Lah Live" as the GPS called it) where the circus had been performing all week at the Staples Center. The parking garage was a flat rate of $15, which was better than I expected.
We dropped them off by the tiger cages and I fake cried as I gave Ryan a goodbye hug, but then she made my day even better, by saying they had 4 hours between the two circus shows, so we could get lunch together after. Yippee!! They headed inside with the Ringling crew while Michael and I went to find breakfast- I'll put that in the next post. After the circus was over, as promised, we all met back by the car in the parking garage. Michael scrolled through Yelp on his iPhone, before we agreed on Hooters for lunch, since it was the closest, least expensive eating place near by. We walked the 5 to 10 minutes there and enjoyed one last double date with our hyper waitress, Amber.
Until next time, best friend..!

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