Saturday, July 27, 2013

Oh, these days!!

My next two "What I'll Wear" posts have been postponed due to the fact that I accidentally locked us out of the house on Thursday. And I had the audacity to ask Michael if we would still take the pictures of me while we waited for the locksmith. He said "No!", which was understandable. When he tried to find something to use to jump over the back fence to check if the backdoor was unlocked, he pulled a thick board away from the fence and we found this feline treasure. Ahhhh!! I did my hair pretty cool that night with braided headbands (it works better on really long hair), so figured I would take pictures while it was done since I plan to get my hair cut in a few days. I haven't had it cut since November! And I apologize for the "duck face"; the regular smiley angles didn't look as good.
Over the past ten days Michael and I have been talking a lot about money and how we can move forward in our relationship as a family and future career choices and so on. But last night I typed up a two and a half page of the changes that needed to made of how we can save money and a list of free dates that I demand he take me on, such as spending a day at Downtown Disney and another at the Arboretum Gardens in Arcadia. And that.. is how you get things done! =)

Today we went to Smart & Final (like a mini Sam's Club that has some bulk items) and the 99 Cent store. My favorite! Michael even admitted that they had more food selections than he expected and we picked up a lot of boxed noodles and canned veggies, which were 70 cents instead of a dollar. I even found some things that I will keep in mind for later- like frozen orange juice where you add to it 3 cups of water. I forgot about those! Between those two stores we got 17 items for $20. Woohoo! Michael did say he felt Amish since he agreed to boil his own powdered tea instead of buying the individual containers. That will save us a good $300 by the end of the year! I hope your week has improved greatly like ours has! ;)

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