Tuesday, July 30, 2013


I went to Supercuts this morning, finally. But before that, Michael made us breakfast- his "famous" grilled cheese. Apparently he has a lot of famous meals that I never knew of. But, that's marriage, right? He also made the eggs and they were super fluffy because of the extra milk and I did the dishes as a trade. Doesn't it all look so delish? =)
Anyway, for future references, the salon opens at 8am, not 10am like Google says. Blast! The lady was nice. We talked about how expensive it is to live in California, but she says she is too old (she was maybe at least 60?) to move somewhere cheaper and get a job there. I feel like the cut is more chopped than angled, but whatever. And I'll have to see how it looks dried, after its washed and without product. I guess next time that I take pictures in, I'll have to use more angled bob photos. And somehow it feels weird, like my hair has been in a ponytail all day, but thinks it makes me automatically look older, or like I'm really 26?
Here is a before and after:
*Also, although I don't really consider her to be a celebrity, since she isn't a popular actress or singer, we saw Nicole Chilelli from Face Off, Season 3 at Frend's Beauty make up store that Michael wanted to go to after I got my hair cut. I only recognized her because her hair was still dyed fushia and purple like it was on the show. I wonder if she keeps it that way for that purpose?


  1. Looking at these pictures a second time, I now see that a bite was taken from the grilled cheese sandwich, and stuffed with yummy eggs. Your haircut makes you look so cute! Actually it's your face and smile that everyone will notice! -D

  2. I hadn't realized how long your hair had gotten! I definitely like the haircut though. Sorry for being so "out-of-touch" lately, but with helping mom with packing and me working all the time I feel like I have no time for anyone. =/. I hope to "restart" my blog once I have stability back in my life (aka- when I'm in FL!).