Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Downtown Disneyland

Yesterday Michael drove us to Downtown Disney in Anaheim. It took us about an hour, but didn't seem too long. It was smaller than Downtown Disney in Orlando, but I knew that before we went, and thankfully the parking was still free (for the first 3 hours). We seemed to be trying to spend extra time wandering around in the different stores to get our "time's worth". We were there at least an hour and a half. There were a few things I would have bought if we had money, including some cool Disney princess art postcards that were $2.25 each.
We probably spent the most time in the main Disney store. I kept an open eye out for ladies with glitter, asking if I, as "the princess" wanted any- like the way they did in Orlando. But no such luck. There was also not a store we found with free samples of any chocolate or fudge. Blast again! If I had $19 to spare, plus extra for shipping to Florida, I would have gotten this coin purse (below) with a long black shoulder strap for my mom. A festive alternative to the plain black coin purse she often uses on day-trips like these.
That's the closest I could get to being inside Disneyland. The tickets are $95/each, so I highly doubt we will ever go, but that's okay. Michael noticed the stone sports players up along the outside wall of the ESPN store all had moving heads. I didn't take a picture because it was creepy.. We stopped by the Coca Cola truck which was giving out free cups. I took one too, so Michael could have mine- the way I would always make my younger brother, Zach, take a food sample from Sam's Club, even if he didn't want it, that way I could have both! We walked around the hotel area and talked about how fun it would be to go swimming. There was a guard guy at the open gate, but he was watching people who were already in the pool, so we could have run right past!
No trip is complete without seeing a stray kitty! But that's all. It was a good day and I'm glad we got a chance to check another tourist-y California thing off my "bucket list". I was thinking that we should do one fun event every Tuesday and I could call the posts "Tubular Tuesdays!" or something like that. But I don't have any more free ideas until August 20th, for the Arboretum Gardens day in Arcadia.


  1. I really love these pictures. Makes the place look so big. And just look at the happy faces! Sometimes free fun is the best fun. -D

  2. Cool! Isn't it weird how you can park and walk in opposed to needing a tram from your car, the a ferry or monorail?? When we went we were disappointed how small it was and prob 90% of the rides were the same as at Disney World- so you didn't miss much. Yay for free dates, too!!