Monday, July 29, 2013

Thanks for the Memories!

I had been thinking lately that we don't have enough wedding pictures around. I have the scrapbooks, which are still only partially made, but they aren't out in the open. The most visible one is a shadow box with a picture of Michael and I walking through the line of bubbles after the reception. So I found a 3-pack of 5x7 frames at Target for $6, and printed a couple pictures. I picked out my favorite picture from the wedding (during the "first look"). The other was from our group's Star Wars skit for HD lab in June 2010. I put that on the mantle under the rare Boba Fett artwork.

Earlier this week I found a new young, stylish mom with a blog called TheMombot. There are a few crafts that she has done that are simple enough for me to try myself. One I really love that she did was this magnetic photo strip display. << Click the link, it's super cute! ;)
But at Target the knife magnet was $20 and not flat like the one she found, so yeah.. I didn't buy that, and got a pack of 4 small cork boards for $2.99 instead. They were in the kitchen section, but can't remember what they were supposed to be for. I just nailed them to the wall.
This is definitely something I would want to replicate in the future when we have more money and get photo strips made at different malls or movie theaters- or if we ever attend a wedding where someone has one set up. That's a dream of mine! I think it costs $5,000 to rent one though. Yipes. I have one photo strip from high school made with Mia and Lindsey, but I couldn't find it today. Instead, I found this! A sleepover from over 11 years ago, making us both 14 years old at the time.
On the opposite page I had written, Lindsey came over for the sleepover. She stops for a moment from writing me a note to flash a smile. We didn't fall asleep until about 2:07am!!! Oh naive children, thinking that's such a long time to stay awake. Ha, how precious. ☺

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