Wednesday, July 17, 2013

the Greatest Show on Earth!

At 11am, the doors opened and we were able to walk down to the main floor for the pre-show yesterday. I'm really glad Ryan recommended it. Its a few extra acts to entertain people before the show; stuff you won't see if you don't attend, but it doesn't cost extra. But Ben was able to get us free tickets anyway- yay! I loved all of the music (popular radio songs); a great upbeat dance mix.We got to see a clown doing tricks with a basketball and doing flips in the air, with his arms attached to thick ropes. Two thin girls from Russia were doing contortion moves and spins with a ribbon wand.
On the other side of the floor they had animals- 3 different colored horses and an elephant, Mabel, who was fun because she kept kicking big beach balls into the crowd. She also played basketball and painted a picture. The guy actually stuck the paintbrush in her trunk nostril, which looked uncomfortable. Michael entered the drawing to win the painting, but we didn't get it. Although Ryan said we could have! ;) The rest are my best pictures from the main show!
^^ There are 5 guys in this picture- two of them are the white blurs down in the trampolines.

I went back through old pictures and found that Michael and I last went to the circus at the Amway Center in Orlando on January 17th, 2011 (the day after we finished shooting "Gruff's Bridge"). Ryan thinks it was called "Zim, Zam, Zow!' They had different acts such as guys doing flips on glow-in-the-dark bungee stilt-shoes like Michael used to have. But the show yesterday had a few funny acts including animals like bunnies and poodles. They told us that each show lasts for two years and they go to different cities over that time span, so for example, I don't think they would be back in Los Angeles until summer 2015. Although, that may not matter for us! ;)

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