Saturday, July 13, 2013

Ryan and Benjamin

I had to suffer through a long year and a half without seeing one of my best friends, Ryan Blythe, since she and her husband, Ben, "joined the circus" at the end of January last year! Now, out of all the cities they were able to choose, they have been able to spend their week vacation (July 8-15) in Los Angeles, while the rest of their co-workers are setting up and performing at the Staples Center. Our weeks got mixed up and Ryan thought they would arrive one week after they did, so it was a surprise when she texted me this past Tuesday, saying she would be able to meet with us later that day. (They attended a filming of "The Price is Right" that afternoon and during the breaks due to technical issues, Ben shared some conversations with host, Drew Carey!) I hurried to clean the house, but ended up having a good five hours to get everything done, including a small painting and creating a new Christian mix CD! Although skimming the baseboards with a Clorox wipe is quite a nasty chore, I was very proud of all the work I accomplished that day.
Around 6:30pm, we met with Ryan and Ben at the Ringling Bro's train and they gave us a quick tour of their "car", all with claustrophobic hallways and small 8' by 8' rooms! We had dinner at Outback and laughed a lot, remembering "the good ol' days". I really missed Ryan's laugh and forgot how contagious it was. We've been having a great time! They slept over using the air mattress my parents got us in March and when we all got out of bed the next morning around 11am, we had breakfast at Denny's. I am very sure actor, David Morse, who I only know from Disturbia, was sitting at the table behind us since we walked towards him as we were seated, but they all said it wasn't him. Riiiight! ;) We stopped by Fry's then Ryan and Ben filled out the paperwork for their car rental.
Denny's that day might not have been the best idea since I did end up getting sick that night. Oh nos! But when we got back at 3pm, Ben stayed home, waiting for the car company to drop off their rental, while Michael and I gave Ryan the "three hour tour" (a round trip hike) from the Griffith Park Observatory to up behind the Hollywood sign. It was a great adventure, due to the company, but it seems like the more we hike, the more out of shape we feel. How does that happen?
Michael did a kind job, taking all the pictures I asked him to and carrying my camera in his cargo pockets. We have had a couple more adventures since Tuesday, but I'll update again when this fun full week has completed its lovely course.

**Also, an important note ~ My good friend, Lindsey, had her baby, Luke, at 3:56am on Thursday, July 11th. I have mentioned several times that I would like to take a trip up there (about 4 & 1/2 hours North) in a couple months when she is more in the groove of her new life!

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  1. Aw, thanks for the shout out my friend! We would love to have you and for you to meet Luke!

    Ryan's job seems super fun and cool- very original! Glad you got to hangout with her again!