Wednesday, July 17, 2013

LA Live

Michael and I had an hour to spare between the time we got to LA Live and when we were able to enter the Staples Center for the Ringling pre-show at 11am, so we walked around to find some breakfast. I was excited when I saw that a red carpet was being set up and took some pictures through the chain link fence, holding us back. Turns out it was not for a movie premiere, just the ESPYS Experience, which is being held tonight at the Nokia Theatre. I think that's the ESPN Awards? They were also setting up a basketball area on the sidewalk. Anyway, Michael decided Starbucks was a good choice and I was thrilled when I saw they had bagels! Michael likes their banana nut bread.
We sat outside around the plants and watched the little birds around us. I threw tiny pieces of bagel at them and one got close enough and let his feed him. He was eating the little bread pieces right out of our hands! (My camera doesn't like close ups.) I thought of how my dad would have liked to work security in that area since all the guards were riding around on 3-wheeled segways! Haha.
At 10:45, we walked back towards the Staples Center (home of the LA Lakers). Ben later gracefully mentioned, "I hate sports." It made me laugh. I forgot how much Ben and I have in common. I realized that a lot back in Full Sail when Ryan would tell me about a situation they had been in, similar to something Michael and I had gone through. But Ryan and Michael would have the same thoughts or views and opinion on things, while Ben and I would have reacted the same in the two situations. So I'm sure my relationship advice never did any good for her, ha.
Check out those great complimentary seats ~Row 6, baby! (I believe this post is already getting a little lengthy and barely related to the circus and I'd rather have extra medium sized posts than one very long post where you have to scroll and scroll and scroll.. and scroll!) But I will say, it was cool seeing Ryan walking around the floor before the show- Michael was great at pointing her out when the lights were dim-, moving carts around and putting stands away at the end. I texted her where our seats were and she waved at me from behind the curtain. When all the lights came up again, so everyone could see their way out as they left, Ryan came over to talk to us. We didn't see Ben working behind the scenes, but I never asked where he would be.

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