Saturday, August 3, 2013

What I Wore, Saturday

This white shirt is one that Michael's parents paid for me a couple weeks ago from Forever 21. There is a coral one I will wear to the beach on Tuesday!! I wore this outfit shown (with the green skirt and tights) last Saturday at work and I will wear it again tomorrow night. If I had this shirt a couple months ago, when jeans were allowed at night, I would have worn it the second way shown. I did get a lot of use out of my "clearance" ankle boots from DSW in Orlando earlier this year!
 Did I mention that my pretty make up in these pictures was done by Michael today?!
I think he did a really good job, but still wants to practice with other colors for the eye shadow.
Today he used a mix of blues, mostly on the outer corners.
This morning I borrowed a new book from the library called Better Off: Flipping the Switch on Technology by Eric Brende. I believe it is about a small group of families in current day basically living like they are Amish. Not using electricity or cars, as well as no computers or phones, etc. I could be wrong, and guess I will find out tonight when I start reading it! Also.. another new kitten
that we haven't seen before- all orange; I wish I could squeeze him. I named him Milo.

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  1. Very nice. Sharp and appealing. I think white button-up shirts look professional-casual. Maybe that's why photographers ask for customers to dress in white shirts and light brown pants when taking family portraits, like at the beach. -D