Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Victoria's Tower

Since last Thursday, I have been finding places for us to go that are free -even better when parking is also free!- and since I found pictures of the tower at Victoria Beach (while I was on Pinterest looking up ideas for how to display Polaroid pictures), I knew I wanted to visit that area in Laguna Beach. I was also able to find an article called "100 Things to Do in Laguna Beach" and browsed through those. This is us in front of the tower that a nice couple took for us.
It was very nice for Michael to thank me a couple times during the day for doing the "homework" and finding places for us to go around Laguna Beach yesterday. I had a very nice time and from all the great smiles he provided, I think he had a nice time too. I'll post more pictures later today.

Update from 8/8: Last night at work I looked up some extra info about the Victoria Beach Tower: The house and 60 foot tower were built in 1926 for the family of William E. Brown, a state senator of California. It was sold in the 1940s to a retired Naval officer from named Harold Kendrick. The building took on a pirate-related mystique as Kendrick was known for dressing up as a pirate and hiding coins in the tower, allowing children to find and keep them. The most recent owner is actress, Bette Midler.

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