Thursday, August 8, 2013

Hiking & Tiny Church

Due to popular demand, I am skipping the second beach photos for now and moving to the end of our Tuesday trip. After a yummy lunch at Ruby's Diner, we drove up through fancy neighborhoods again to Alta Laguna Park. I don't think I have a reason for picking this area to hike, since we did pass other hiking areas on the way in to the beach, but it was the first one I found on Google Maps. There were some steep downhill areas- not intense where you have to crawl down rocks and such- but to the point where all the sudden a biker would zoom down the trail past you, leaving a long puff of dirt. The scenery and view was not as beautiful as it is at Griffith Park, but it is still cool exploring new areas. We could not see the Pacific Ocean from the trail like I thought we would.
Although I did not do a proper "What I Wore" post, this coral button up was another work shirt I got recently from Forever 21, which Michael's parents generously paid for. Thank you again! I was glad I brought it since the trail was chillier than the rest of the day had been. The weather at Victoria Beach was perfect even without the breeze, around 1pm. By the time we got to the second beach at 2:30, it was noticeably hotter, then windy during our hike at 5pm. I think it looks cute with the shorts, but if we were going to run errands on a non-"vacation" day, I would have paired it with purple Converse instead. Or with the dark jeans and ankle boots for a more professional look. And did you notice the pocket on the front? ;)
 The "100 Things to Do in Laguna Beach" list said that this was the 2nd smallest Catholic church in the world! I wish I had gone across the street for a couple more pictures, like THESE. The sidewalk was very narrow and we didn't go inside because I could hear people talking. I did a tad bit of research and the 1st smallest Catholic church is in Warrenton, Texas. HERE is a video a tourist family made about that one. But what is the point of making them so small? I thought parishes wanted many people to gather together- most of the regular sized ones try to expand later on. The Little Brown Church is about 15 minutes from our house that I would like to check out one Sunday. It's where Ronald and Nancy Reagan got married in 1952.

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