Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Sasha's Party.. I

This may become extensive, but I have put a lot of work (or perhaps the normal amount of work for the average 20-something girl) into Sasha's little party over the past few days. This is just a small bit and I will include more pictures and details in the following posts.

Sasha's sixth birthday is on Saturday, but since I have Mondays & Tuesdays off, I knew I could get a lot more done. We originally invited our friends, Gaby and Rene and Gaby's dog, Thor, to the little gathering, but Michael started a big project that he has to finish by Thursday, so in that time crunch, the get together was pushed back. When we meet with them later on, it will be more of a dinner thing and we'll eat inside so there aren't flies buzzing around and landing on our food. I don't know how all the moms who have their blogs sponsored have parties outside. And it's so hot too!

But Sasha and I had a nice morning. Here are some pictures of her with a bit of decor. I think this small bit is cute as well, but kind of went all out for this "project". I did feel like this was one of those where I'm in the zone and if I don't do it today, when will I? And now I have left over party materials for Michael's birthday! ;)
^^ As a reference, all the items in THIS picture cost me a total of $13. ^^
If you add the streamers (two different colors), party hats, and banner. The total becomes $17.
I was taking a lot of these pictures around the time that the elementary kids were getting picked up from school and a few little boys walked by and seemed fascinated, "That dog is wearing a hat!" Another boy exclaimed, "Ooh, it's her birthday!" Haha. Since Michael was busy working today, we didn't open Sasha's presents. I'm hoping we can do that as a family on her actual birthday.

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  1. How awesome Sasha should be a model for parties. She took great photos.