Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Sasha's Presents

Michael has been busy lately with the Chupacabra puppet for a web series all of last week and is now buying materials for the goat feature film in October, so we didn't get a small window of time together until today to open Sasha's presents. As most presents turn out for birthdays and Christmas, she was very excited. And seems bored again now, ha!
But she did get 3 tennis balls, a tug of war rope (since the one I got her last year got all dirty when we moved here) and an orange bath towel. My mom also sent her a cute card and a paw print charm. Here are a couple family GIFs. (I was having trouble again with the settings after switching from camera to video and back to camera. Whatever, they're still good!)
** Michael reminded me that I'm not allowed to post any behind the scenes pictures of his work until it has been made public, so depending on how long it takes to be edited and put online, it might be a while before I can show you.

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  1. Happy Sasha! Nice gifts that she obviously enjoys. And I like the two GIF images. -D