Tuesday, August 20, 2013

What is this Magic?

When I was driving home from work yesterday morning, I saw the most amazing thing in the sky-- CLOUDS!! To be honest, I hadn't even paid attention to the lack of clouds in California until Michael mentioned it one day while we were hiking.. Mmm, hiking sounds wonderful right now! I don't recall ever looking up in the sky while in Florida and not seeing clouds, but now being in California, it's so rare and kind of makes me sad. Clouds are very pretty, especially the white fluffy ones. I'd even take storm clouds right now. Another thing Michael and I miss is the rain and the thunderstorms.. and fair priced rent, ha. If our plan remains full speed ahead, it's only 95 days until we move again! ;)
During my lovely six minute drive from work back to the house, the sun was right behind this big cloud formation, so the sun rays were beaming out of the top and bottom. It was so pretty. But by the time I got home, the clouds had moved and the sun was so bright, so I couldn't get that picture. Better luck Thursday morning, right? =)

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