Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Sasha's Party.. II

Since I was using the tripod for the pictures I wanted to take with Sasha, I had to do some tests with lighting. Here are a couple- although one is very over exposed and the other is under exposed. I still like them enough to show you. It's hard to get a proper exposure when half of the yard is in the sun and half is in the shade and the meter moves all over the place, but it's not a big deal.
 & It has been quite a while since I made GIFs and since Michael was preoccupied with a project (I have a few pictures of that to post too!), I did some dancing with Sasha in the front yard. It was more of me spinning her around, but she was really good about running back to me when I called to her each time for more pictures. The rest of the time she spent by the fence, growling at Ruth's cats. I did forget to do a couple good huggy pictures though. I love her hugs!!
I think even just watching the streamers blow in the wind is cool.
Then I wanted to take a couple mini Polaroid pictures.
Obviously Sasha didn't enjoy the second one as much with the kissing, haha. But the little film pieces still turned out really great!! I always say that the good pictures make the bad pictures totally worth the "waste" of a dollar. I absolutely love the Polaroid (below) on the left. Maybe from my great smile or all of the sunshine.
Or because my shirt is cute (which I got on clearance from Forever 21 in January, but hadn't worn before) or just how sweet and wonderful Sasha is. Or that I just know that these pictures were taken on a fun day. In the right Polaroid I like you can see how I did three twists in my hair.

**Again, I used the free website Picasion.com to easily put together the GIFs.

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