Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Victoria Beach

According to helpful Yelp reviews and focusing zooms on Google Maps, I was able to get the exact address to find the stairs leading from a residential area down to this beach. However, it worked best for us to park on the other side of South Coast Highway and walk the 10 minutes. (Using Michael's directions on the way back, it only took about 5 minutes to get to the car since we went under the bridge instead of over). They had incredible houses in the area and Michael loves to rack his brain, estimating how many millions of dollars each one costs and what kind of jobs the owners must have.
Victoria Tower, what we drove 65 miles to see! My original plan was to come here with Mia, when she was planning on flying out here to me and her cousin and stay with Lindsey and to see Lindsey's new baby, Luke. But at the end of July, Mia started her fancy new landscape architecture job in Orlando- yay! So I wanted to see this tower and spend time at the beach while Michael and I still have the chance. We can't live in California, but then not see any of it! The water was cold, but not freezing like it seemed to be at Catalina in June. Even when I got in to my waist, I wasn't hyperventilating, like I had been when we went snorkeling. All of the rocks were covered with algae and oysters. The tower has rusted doors and windows which are locked, but if you peek inside, you can see thin wooden stairs spiraling all the way up to the top.
Michael holding extra lotion, which he then put on my back. We made sure to put sun tan lotion on a few times through out the day- I started in the car when we were about 20 minutes away. Michael kept his shirt on mostly, but lotioned his face and neck a lot, as well as his arms and legs. He still has the noticeable sunburn lines from kayaking at Catalina Island.
Isn't he the handsome-est?! Victoria Beach was only stop #1 on my list. We made five stops total yesterday. We did have to cut out some things because I didn't realize how much traffic in the little town there would be, especially on a Tuesday afternoon. So we did not stop to get a picture with the Official Greeter Statue of Eiler Larsen or the Whaling Wall collages around town. We did not wait for a free trolley ride- they were just zooming around like buses. They were not on a slow track like you see in San Francisco. (I'd also like to visit there, but its 5 hours North, and without really any money to spend and no vacation time available, I highly doubt that trip will happen this year.)

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