Friday, October 11, 2013

Cards & Mummys!

 At work a couple of weeks ago, I brought in all of my best scrapbooks to show Amber.  (Rochelle had already seen them a few months ago.) Amber has been saying recently how Michael and I have the perfect relationship and that makes me extremely happy, because that's what I have wanted for the past two years: To have a marriage that shows how much love we have for each other, so that we can be a great pair of role models, to show others what marriage is supposed to be, and what it can be for them, when they find their "perfect person", the way I have. The song "The Best Thing" by Relient K has been on repeat all week. It definitely describes the way I have been feeling lately ~ have a listen!

But flipping through those awesome scrapbooks that I had made over the past four years really made me want to scrapbook again more, so I whipped up these Halloween cards over the weekend:
 If you remember how I used that thin fabric to patch up the holes in my shorts after I bleached them, the main reason for buying the fabric was to wrap Sasha up as a mummy! She didn't seem too thrilled with it as I gently tied the pieces around her legs, but she didn't try to run away either. I had to bribe her with treats so she wouldn't look so sad and I liked how the fabric fell down, closer to around her paws. It looked more mummy-ish with it there.
 Sasha was really good about running back to me to stand by the pumpkins after I called for her, just 20 seconds after I let her run outside. I guess there weren't any kitties near by to growl at. But she wouldn't sit down for any of them. Maybe because a piece of the fabric was touching her butt, which wrapped from her back leg to around her body. And then Michael photo shopped this one:
Happy Halloween! I've been finding some cool/creepy make up ideas on Pinterest lately, so hopefully Michael can do some on me this weekend or next week and I can model a little bit, or I can try them myself later on, during the days that he is filming the movie in the woods.


  1. Nice pics. I did listen to your linked song. Great cemetery pic creation. -D

  2. Sasha looks so cute as a mummy! The cemetery picture is very eerie (I feel like Sasha even looks scared! She must have a mommy and daddy who know a little something about film, make-up, and picture taking! ;)) The comment about the perfect relationship is so true! Yours and Michaels love is a fairytale one (but not in the cheesy "Yay my Prince came and he's going to do everything for me" way). You two have such a great foundation and share a lot of the same interests, but at the same time you remember you each are individual people (whom are very strong and talented on their own). You two being together just intensifies the creativeness in your relationship (not to mention the cuteness factor; like Michael doing your make-up and sometimes taking your model pics! Speaking of, the smoky eye make up looked great on you! That is a very "out on the town" look. The natural looked great too. Very subtle and not overbearing at all (that's my kind of make-up when I choose to wear some). Looks like you both are making sure every last second in Cali is spent with friends and each other while doing things you both love! Can't wait to see you!