Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Dorothy & Sasha

  What better time than Halloween Eve to dust off the ol' Dorothy dress. But let's be honest, I actually wore it this past Saturday! ;) I plan to wear the dress to work tomorrow night, but it's only me and Scott working, so I got permission to wear it on Saturday that way Rochelle and Amber could see it too. But to make it work appropriate I wore black tights and black flats, along with a white long sleeve shirt. I learned today that the Ruby Slippers are quite snug on my feet.
                                                 ^^ These are our Kansas photos. ^^
  Sasha was a decent sport, as usual, and she would run to me when I called her- as long as she wasn't distracted by a cat climbing the back fence. I used the side of the tool shed to put together some silly bits- getting the whole scene in order. And now I have spent the past three hours tweaking these few photos to make them juuust right! Hopefully I'll still have an hour or two to sleep before work. Oh, how we arrange our priorities.
  I was clicking on some editing effects that I had never used before on PicMonkey. They have a whole cloud section, so what you see above was the beautiful outcome of my Munchkinland scene. I believe the yellow part at the bottom was supposed to be part of the sunrise. Once again I had the camera set up to take ten pictures at once- and there were some very dramatic outtakes! Haha. And yes, I did have the "Wizard of Oz on Ice" soundtrack blasting through the house while I got ready. The Jitterbug is always my favorite, but I can never get enough of the Intro music either.
  I quite liked the logs and leaves in the background with all of Ruth's green ivy flowing over the fence. Even the rusted parts of her garage added pops of color to the photos! Who knew? And of course I couldn't end the photo shoot without a selfie!
   ** PS ~ my talented Mommy sewed this dress for me about ten years ago. Xoxo!!
  Michael had a half day/ half night shoot today, from 2pm-2am. But turns out that it's his last day, when I thought it was tomorrow. I haven't mentioned before, but the "goat movie" is actually called Where the Devil Dwells, and I've linked their IMDb page for you.

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  1. I do enjoy your blog posts. It's a great way to keep informed on activities in California. -D