Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Bring it Around Town

 Today after we went to the Greystone Mansion in Beverly Hills, we drove through a very nice neighborhood, with wide roads so I could take a picture of the Beverly Hills sign since it was only a few minutes away. I will say that I saw the most celebrity looking people while driving along Sunset Boulevard -fashionable clothes and salon treated hairstyles- whether they were actresses and models or not. I did not fully recognize anyone, but a few kind of looked like famous women I am familiar enough with. We also passed this yard with great Halloween decorations- a ghost fence and scarecrows and more ghosts that looked like they were floating in the yard. We recently got a bunch of Halloween decorations to put around our house too.
 I was like, "Are you serious?" when we walked up and saw that the Beverly Hills sign area was under construction with a green fence around it. They ripped out the sidewalk and probably the grass; but they are going to add a fountain. So I couldn't pose in front of it. I had to take the picture through a hold in the fence. Oh wellllll.
 Michael was most looking forward to visiting Whimsic Alley, a store in Los Angeles by LACMA. The small store had Harry Potter, Doctor Who and Game of Thrones items for sale, but we didn't buy anything. They had a Doctor Who phone booth clip-on bow tie that I wanted to get for my brother, but I didn't know if he would ever wear it. They also had a cool mini Voldemort wand keychain and lots of Hogwarts uniforms. The clerk girl was wearing Slytherin clothes; a good choice for her Malfoy blonde hair. I tried on a Slytherin Quidditch robe, but it was too big on me. I loved the gray sweaters with a ring of house colors around the bottom, but they felt really itchy. They have a Great Hall that can be rented out for parties.
 The picture below was taken after we ate at Olive Garden in Burbank. I always forget about the mints at the end. Our waiter gave us four!
 This was the best "candid celeb" outfit I could put together, including one of my new tops from my Ross Jackpot Extravaganza day last week & Payless flats that Michael bought me the week before that (all for work). The outfit may be better with long jeans, but it was too hot for that. I even used self tanner the past two days. Now all I need is some long hair extensions, big sunglasses, a huge purse bag, different shopping bags, a large Starbucks coffee, and a "don't bother me right now" face! ;)

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  1. A store that sold Doctor Who, Harry Potter, and Game of Thrones stuff; I think I'm in love. Do they happen to have one of those in Florida? Lol. Just got caught up to speed on your blog posts. I read the printer one but couldn't respond at the time. So here are my comments: the printer is so tiny but prints really well! I love my photo printer (that is currently sitting at the bottom of one of my blue bins in your/my bedroom currently). I love love love your outfit! It is super cute and very you! That mansion place looks incredible though! I would want to live there without the whole murder-suicide incident happening. Although, I think 55 bedrooms would be a little too much for just me and Zach currently. Travel Town looked like fun, and that mini key-chain was a good choice as memorabilia. It looks like you and Michael are putting your final moments in LA to good use. So happy that you two are doing great things together, but I'm happier that someday soon, I actually get to meet you and Michael! =D