Wednesday, October 16, 2013

a Celebration of Shnooks ♡

 Michael's 25th birthday was on Saturday (October 12th). It made me really happy when he told me a few times during the day that it was a really good birthday. It was pretty low key, like a regular day almost, but that's what he wanted. I had switched days off so I could be off that night and not have to worry about sleeping again before work. I put streamers up around the house before sleeping, then I got up around 2pm, showered, and Michael did my make up again. By 3 o'clock we were having lunch at Portos. They had Halloween decorations set up, which I liked. We tried the meat pie, which tasted like a yummy taco, probably because of the seasonings. And I still want to get a fruit tart before we move- in just five weeks! Wow.
 We drove to the Burbank mall and walked around for a while to pass the time. Michael originally wanted to get a cookie cake, but we didn't know they were $30 each! What a rip off, so we didn't get one. At 6:30pm we bought movie tickets to see "Prisoners". Michael liked it more than I did, which is understandable since it wasn't a comedy. The movie was more suspenseful than scary, so that was good, for me. We had dinner at Elephant Bar. I got the Island Tilapia again, Michael ordered the Parmesan green beans and an Asian noodle dish, then we shared the dessert trio including creme brulee, a brownie and ice cream in an edible sugar bowl that tasted like a donut! Mmm.
 (I brought the little "happy birthday" piece from home. Also, my little camera doesn't do well in low light & I haven't cared enough to play with all the settings, but Michael didn't want me to use the flash and draw attention.) When we got home, I made a little video, since we barely have any of those and had recently watched the videos of us opening presents from Christmas 2011 in Orlando.
 Michael had been talking for the past month about how he really wanted the "Game of Thrones" Seasons 1 & 2 on Blu-Ray, so that's what I bought him. I really like that we make it clear to each other what we want for our birthdays or Christmas or our anniversary. That way I never have to guess and end up getting him something that he has to pretend to like. And we aren't great at hiding our true feelings, ha. So it was easy to do that little bit of shopping for him on Friday morning after I got paid. And he was very happy with his gifts! He also got a handful of cards, all of them including checks, which he also loved. Michael already has projects in mind that he wants to put the money towards, when we get settled into our new place in Birmingham. Family photo:
 When I told Michael that the camera was set to take 5 pictures in a row, he also made these faces:
  Happy Birthday, my silly prince! I love you forever. Your wife for life ~ Rachel ♥
(Sometimes I like to poke fun at the fact that I am 16 months older than Michael, so I'd sigh and say things like, "Oh, to be 25 again." Other times he enjoys being able to call me a cougar, ha!)


  1. Sounds like a nice day for both of you. -D

  2. Game of Thrones is an awesome TV show. Glad to see Michael has good taste. I'm glad he got to spend his birthday with you and that you got the day off! I would suggest making your own cookie cake (way less expensive than buying one, plus this way you can decorate it yourself)! Checks in cards always a bonus. It's awesome how you two have a good and clear communication with each other about gifts and everything else. It's even better that you two are terrible at hiding your true feelings because that permits the honesty of your whole relationship. 5 weeks! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! =D. I'm so excited that I am finally going to get to see you in the flesh!