Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Makeup Tests

 Michael is back into a mode where he wants to practice beauty make up on me. This is a mode that I enjoy, but it comes and goes in waves (much like my scrap booking modes), between not liking doing beauty to giving in when people tell him he needs to learn it, that way he can be a double threat in the make up industry. Triple threat, if you count handsome! He did two different ones tonight since I didn't have to work.

 Around 5pm he did more of a natural beauty make up. The lighting wasn't the best and they were taken with Michael's iPhone. I didn't take any with the nice camera, but I should have. Or even taken them outside with one of my new cute dresses or shirts. I felt like the blush looked really pretty and I just had Blistex lip balm on, as usual.
*** I don't know if this is some new Blogger effect that automatically adds a "glow" filter to pictures so they look more flattering, but I didn't do that and I feel like it really takes away from showing how the make up really looked. I tried deleting it and uploading it again 3 different times. ***

 The gray hoodie is my new favorite "outfit" to wear around the house, when Michael likes it cold inside. I got it last time I went to Ross. It says CALI in silver sequins then "athl dept" sewn on underneath. I've been dressing extra cute at work lately! ;) Here are some other "family" pictures, before dinner. Although they are out of focus, you can still see our great smiles! We ordered a supreme pizza from Papa Johns and watched Fun with Dick and Jane. We laughed a bunch during that movie.
 Then later in the night, around 1:30am, he did an ever-so popular smokey eye. That time he used the Simply Perfect Cosmetics liquid foundation, which he helped sell at the make up convention in Orlando last November. Remember? He also put mascara on with the smokey eye.
 Michael made sure I didn't edit the very last pictures. (Although it looks like Blogger "glowed" those out too!) He didn't want any effects to "ruin" how the make up actually looked on my face. Sadly, the make up does look even prettier in person, compared to through the pictures. In the tutorial videos we watched, it said fake eyelashes look really good with this make up, but Michael doesn't have any. I think we are going to Nigel's Beauty Emporium tomorrow so he can buy a eyeshadow pallet with a larger variety of colors.


  1. This was a very interesting post, Rachel. Good information and great pics. -D

  2. This was a very interesting post, Rachel. Good information and great pics. -D

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