Saturday, October 19, 2013

Ghastly Adornment

 At the beginning of October, Michael and I wasted no time before going into Target and Michael's Craft store for Halloween/ Fall decorations. There were a few things we pulled out of the closet from last year, but mostly new things. We like variety! Michael decorated the outside first with the scarecrows in a hay bail (which he says represent us, so he makes them hold hands). I got the little pumpkins at the grocery store, plus he had fun pulling apart the webbing and hanging the five "dementors".
 Nothing special about the trees except they got trimmed by some workers yesterday. I think they look good since they weren't left naked, like I believe they had been when we first moved here. Or maybe that really was because of the weather and the leaves fell off by themselves? Lately the weather has been 55* in the mornings (at 7am) and almost 95* by the afternoon (2pm)!
 Here is the inside stuff ~ I was mainly going for a skeleton theme this year, but Michael evened it out with owls and ghosts. The ghosts are cute too, especially the happy ones with bow ties on the bowl that I have been using for cereal this month (mostly flavored Cheerios- Frosted or Honey Nut).
 Michael can't get enough of these Pumpkin Spice & Spiced Pumpkin (whats the difference?) candles. I've been helping him find the ones on sale. It does make the house smell nice and warm too. But his maple bacon cooking gives the same yummy effect, ha. I gave Michael these cards below on the days leading up to his birthday last week.
 I got this ghost pillow after Halloween at Target last year. I think it started off being $20, but I got it for $5. Oh yeah. The skull below is from a coyote, which Michael used in August to mold the head for the Chupacabra for the Cartoon Network web series he worked on for a few days. I only kept it for these pictures and although the company he got it from had it cleaned and sterilized, it smelled kinda bad when it wasn't in the ziplock bag.
 Last night at work, I put together this tulle wreath with all the felt pumpkins and silver leaves included in the kit- also from Target. They have all the extra cute stuff! I was waiting on myself to get that simple project done before I posted the pictures of all the decorations. And no blog post is complete without a beautifully narcissistic picture of myself (from when Michael did my make up again on the 9th), as well as Sasha- wearing her fashionably festive ghost socks!
 Ha, she has been such a sport lately with the stuff I make her wear for pictures. I think she just does it for the treats. She has been extra lovey too though. Yesterday I asked her for a "kiss" and she gave me 16. I joked, telling her not to be so stingy, and she gave me 9 more! Both of our sweetie-pie moms sent us Halloween care packages from the East Coast. I always love getting holiday boxes from them. & Michael does enjoy his candy corn. =)


  1. Well done. The place looks so nice and festive. Good teamwork on those projects. Hand-crafted items hold the most memories. -D

  2. Bow ties are cool! Hehe =).All of the decorations look awesome! You two are both very festive! I also love Sasha's Halloween socks! The scarecrows holding hands is just too cute! I hope you are getting ready for your big move back to the East Coast! Try not to lose anything (like I did...apparently I lost my super nice "going out" or "casual" dresses in the move from New Jersey to Alachua =(...but I still managed to have all my "professional" or "work type" dresses...suspicious!) Can't wait to see you! =D

  3. I love the ghost bowls and the seasonal candles! <3