Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Travel Town

Last Tuesday, Sept 24th.. can you believe it's already October now?!.. Michael and I went to Travel Town in Griffith Park. We had driven by it when we visited for the week in November, after we saw the ponies. Here is a refresher: LA Trip, Part 4! The whole area was free and there were maybe five or six other people there. We could climb aboard some parts of the trains, but most of them were blocked off with "Do Not Climb" signs.
An old trolly from San Francisco!
In the gift shop, I got this little bronze key chain for only $1.99. A lot of the other stuff was kind of pricey kids toys like block trains and conductor costumes. I saw one little boy wearing his around the "park". I read that they gave ride around the area for $2, but they had just boarded after we got there and then I didn't see them again until we left. Maybe not enough business for a Tuesday?

I also wanted to see the ponies again, but when we drove by there after the trains, the whole place was empty. Here are some extra pony pictures that I never posted from our vacation:
 Michael thought it was getting too cold (at night) for the ponies, but they were there last November! It has been cold in the mornings though, when I get off work. A couple weeks ago it was 62 degrees and last week, it was 57 degrees! So the big black Peacoat jacket I got at Ross last week for $16 has been very helpful. And Michael thinks it looks cute on me too.

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