Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloweeeeeen!!

  I have been seeing a lot of cute Halloween treats floating around online lately, mostly for parties, but one that I did try was holiday shaped french toast. Michael and I bought a big box of 100 cookie cutters back during Full Sail and I barely ever use them. Cookies taste the same no matter what shape they are in, ha. But I did pull some out last week to make cute little french toasts. (I ate the bat! And the one on the left is the profile of a witch head.) Although it might have made the picture look better, and the french toast taste better, I didn't feel like "wasting" my money on syrup.
  Then today we carved our pumpkins. We've been a bit behind on the actual Halloween day activities since Michael has been busy all month, working on the low budget horror feature, but he is done now! Michael thinks that California pumpkins are more stringy than Florida pumpkins. Or maybe it's just that we haven't carved pumpkins in the past 3 years, so we don't remember? Michael ran some errands and when he got home, we sat on the front porch as the sun went down.
 I had printed out a Captain America stencil, but then laughed at the thought of putting that much effort into a pumpkin that we will probably throw out on Tuesday when the trash guys come. So I made this simple one with vampire teeth. We still had fun, but we're still debating whether to bake the pumpkin seeds with garlic salt the way my mom told me about when she did it the other day.

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