Friday, November 1, 2013

Twin Party

  Last night we went to Banks and Lacey's house for their Halloween get together. Michael and I went to Chevy's one last time for dinner (the all of the servers were in costumes) then we stopped back by the house to get changed. Michael had some pieces left over from Where the Devil Dwells and applied them while I got ready. I thought he did a great job for putting them on his own face!!
  See that little one on his cheek?
  I get so excited Wednesday night when Michael said I could dress as Blood Widow, but then Banks didn't think anyone would dress up and there were only a handful of people coming over, so I agreed to put together a toned down outfit. I went as a lumberjack! And it turns out, I wasn't the only one with that great idea. Wes was dressed as one too. And I love the bright, beautiful colors that Lacey painted their walls earlier this year.
  The night turned into a twin party. When we came in, Banks commented that he had the same shirt as Michael, so he put it on and said he was dressed as Michael for Halloween! There was another guy (I think his name is Mark?) who was dressed as a SWAT officer and towards the end of the night, while we were watching Cabin in the Woods, another guy came over dressed as James Bond. He even had the Skyfall theme song playing from his phone when he walked in.
  Lacey was dressed as Gadget Hackwrench from Chip and Dale: Rescue Rangers. They had ordered pizza and Lacey made little mummy wieners and something else that was in a pot. I had some pineapple juice and Michael tried some of the green punch that Banks made. It tasted like candy. Banks said they will also be in Birmingham (that's how Banks & Michael know each other) for Thanksgiving this year. So hopefully we will get to see them again, since his parents only live a few houses down from Michael's parents.
 The doggy I am holding in the picture is Copper. He's dressed as a Sheriff and even has a little gun in a holster. The other dog we love so much is Meeya. She is a black chihuahua, had an angel costume and sat on our laps for at least 30 minutes during the movie. Cricket is a terrier, I think. She looks like a bigger Toto and had on a black and purple witch dress. Genesis, the big dog, was wearing an orange Halloween shirt. Hopefully we can make it to their Walking Dead, Season 4 viewing parties over the next three Sundays before we fly out!!

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  1. Sounds like a fun day. Good friends and entertainment. I bet Michael got a lot of comments on his makeup. -D