Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Farewell, California

  By now (since I am only writing this during the second week of November), Michael and Sasha and I should be checked into our hotel, just a hop and a skip from LAX airport. We have arranged to have dinner at Subway and will probably soak up the free cable by watching Duck Dynasty or laughing along to Tosh.0. I'm sure the sounds of planes flying overhead will rush Michael right into a peaceful slumber, while I glance at the clock every twenty minutes, calculating how much longer I have to "sleep". Our flight leaves at 6:30am, which means I have to be up by at least 3:30! No free continental breakfast for us. I'm not sure if Michael has checked shuttle times yet between the hotel and airport?
  Cute! I hope Michael asks me to pose in front of stuff as the years pass, instead of me always handing him the camera. There was a small, one-seater plane parked on the road in the fence behind Mrs. Patty, by the way. They don't just take pictures in front of random airport signs. I'm sure they showed that one to Michael's younger brother, Parker, when they got back.
  Also ~ hippies. They had nice smiles, but we didn't give them any gas money..
 I took a lot of pictures of these "fans". Probably because they were so big and there were so many. But I can't find what they are for ~ helping reduce electricity costs? Less pollution or smog?
  Anyway, these are the "Welcome to California" pictures that I never posted when we first drove out here at the beginning of the year. That night before, we did stay in a hotel in Blythe, CA. So we only had four hours of driving this day (close to five, if you count us going in circles because the GPS kept telling us to drive over concrete medians..), before arriving at our hotel in Burbank on January 6th. But our North Hollywood house wasn't all ready until the 8th, which was fine.
  *In my best country accent*.. SEE YA'LL IN ALABAMA!!

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