Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Ode to Arizona

  Since I knew our Internet would get disconnected at least a few days before we leave, I'm writing these posts in advance ~ 12 nights prior to our move! But as it's being posted (I like that you can schedule when the posts will be published online), we are most likely standing around the house, for the last time, as the movers box up all of our belongings, as unnecessary as the items may seem.
  But here are some pictures that I never posted back in January from day three of our New Year "Road Trip Across the Country!!" These are from Texas (the snowy parts), Arizona and New Mexico, taken Saturday, January 5th.
  It was such an achievement every time we got through to another state. We would all cheer to each other through the walkie-talkies, especially this day, when we drove 17 hours! And of course by "we" I mean Michael, Mrs. Patty and Dr. Gore. Thank you, wonderful family. Sasha and I relaxed comfortably in the cab of the Penske truck, although I am certain that I did not sleep "the whole way" like Michael says I did. How else would I have taken so many landscape pictures?
  Michael and I are both so very happy and thankful that his generous parents paid for our plane tickets (among everything else!!) for us to fly back this time. Our cars have already been picked up and shipped to Birmingham. A six hour flight in the morning will be much nicer than a 40 hour drive back East, and hopefully I will be able to sleep through all of the parts that take place in the sky.

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