Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Tis the Season

  These few pictures were taken early Friday morning when I got home from work. Michael and I have not been able to agree on a good house temperature. He likes having the air and the heater on at the same time. But sometimes he just uses the portable heater in the bedroom, but doesn't remember to turn the house heater on. 50 degrees outside and only 61 degrees in the house!
  The vent in front of the bathroom, next to the kitchen is the warmest place in our cozy house. I had to stand over the vent to warm up my whole icy body before I went in to snuggle with Sasha, since Michael also had the ceiling fan on. This was after I turned the air from "cool" to "off".
  Last night when Michael and I went to Target, they had all the Christmas stuff up, so he let me pick out a Christmas ornament. We need one from LA! They had a bunch that seemed far too big and heavy to be put on a Christmas tree. I liked this wooden reindeer the best, especially with the bits of gold on it's hooves and antlers.
  In September, Michael would forget that we aren't going to be in California for Christmas, but I want us to have some pretty holiday decorations for when we stay with Alana and Mia the first two weeks next month. Michael continued the early holiday spirit with us watching Chevy Chase's Christmas Vacation!

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