Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Fruit Tart

  Today after Michael ran some errands such as getting Sasha's nails trimmed and dropping off one of our plants at Lacey's house, he suggested we go to Porto's for lunch. I agreed, since it is most likely the last time we will go, and I was determined to finally get the fruit tart that I have been talking about since we visited last November! The leaves are changing and falling in Burbank.
  I may have hyped up the fruit tart too much, so just in case, I edited in some sparkles!! I never explained, but the reason I was so excited that Porto's had fruit tarts was because it was my favorite dessert item from the cruise I went on with my mom, cousin Lindsey, and Aunt Paula back in April 2008. I very much want to go on another cruise next year! Today I enjoyed the apple and strawberry slices, but didn't care for the blackberry or raspberry (but also never care for them in general). The mandarin oranges were so-so, but I let Michael have my little blueberries. I would have preferred if it came with kiwi or peach slices instead, but they were all made the same. The vanilla custard was delicious and the crust reminded me of a sugary Christmas cookie!
  We also got two meat pies (beef in a croissant) and a guava cheese danish.
  Michael thinks is a new club they are working on. Last time we walked by (about a month ago), the paintings were not there and there were construction guys inside. I do think that big metal door looks pretty cool! & Below are some Mini Polaroids we took. The one on the left, where I have the black dress on, is from Michael's birthday, and the other two are from this week.

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