Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Academy Awards

  Today after we had another "super wicked tasty" lunch at Chipotle (for pulled pork tacos and a burrito bowl) in downtown North Hollywood, we went by and saw the bronze statues of all the famous, creative people that have won Academy Awards over the years.
  The first/ last time we walked through that area was after meeting Banks and Lacey down the street when we flew out here last November! And that was at night, so we could see them better today while the sun was still up. I don't think they have updated the area in a very long time because the youngest person who had a bronze head was Oprah.
 I definitely wanted to be sure I got my picture with Michael Landon..
aka Pa from Little House on the Prairie!
  I took pictures of other bronze heads, such as Dick Van Dyke, Betty White, and Andy Griffith, but my blogs take far too long to update, causing me to spend too much time on the Internet. And I barely even edited these photos. The first thing on my New Years resolutions list (always a list) is going to be "take less pictures"! I'm thinking about going back to my simpler blog times, when I only put one picture in each post. Perhaps a year of 365, only one picture to sum up each day.
We also stopped in Nigel's Beauty Supplies before we got back to the car.
This is Michael's serious "I'm looking at make up brushes" face. =)

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