Sunday, November 3, 2013

Griffith Park Reunion

   Yesterday was one of those really good days that I wouldn't mind repeating. Maybe because it was the first time we went hiking in almost three months, and because Michael and I are in marriage bliss and getting along really well (even in my dreams)! Or because I got to Skype with my family and borrow a new book from the library, then later take a 2-hour power nap before dinner?
   But the main part of the post is about us hiking up "the Birthday Trail" in Griffith Park. We found this steep 45-50 degree trail back in January and were going to take Dawson for his birthday, but I think we ended up going other places that day, doing what he wanted. However, along the Birthday Trail is where Dawson took some of our Valentines pictures.
 ^^ Hollywood siiiiiiign! ^^
  I like the "behind" pictures better because you can see how far we climbed, as well as all the beautful landscaping. The pictures looking uphill do not show the detail of how steep it is. But this last one above kind of looks like a beach area to me, so I like that too. I do like the tree-scapes more than the cityscape, but this Los Angeles photo is for nostalgia reasons.
  Oh, we did leave our house to go to Griffith Park around 4pm and it was about 84 degrees. The past few days have been warmer than the beginning of the week was. When we got to the top of the Birthday Trail, we continued on towards the Observatory, which was actually along a small trail we had not followed before. But it lead us to an open area where people like to watch the sun set. We went back down from there.
^^ Motivational pipe!! ^^
^^ See all the people on the balcony? ^^
  For dinner Michael wanted to go to Chipotle, so we drove over to Burbank, but in the movie theater area where all the little restaurants are, it was super packed. Michael drove us to the one in the nice North Hollywood Arts District area. He parked in a lot and we walked a few blocks to the yummy food. Michael got a burrito bowl and I got the three crunchy tacos with barbacoa (beef). He was being an extra sweetie yesterday and opened the doors for me and gave me kisses on the side of my forehead. =)

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