Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Limekiln Canyon Trail

  I wanted to go hiking again and Michael is tired of Griffith Park, even though we haven't been there in a long time, aside from on Saturday. So we drove back to Porter Ranch since there were some trails that we did not go down yesterday and then we walked further, past the big bridge. I brought the Canon T2i today, just with the kit lens.
  Some of the road was dirt and some of it was a mix of dirt on top of a broken paved road that was still off to the side of a main road. Today was a roller coaster of emotions, simply in conversation. Probably to do with continuing my "Halloween diet" which involves consuming far too many Peanut M&Ms.. she typed, while finishing off the last fun size pack of Peanut M&Ms..!
  In the car I was venting about personal things that were bothering me- which aren't even my personal problems, or even problems at all. Basically things that I definitely need to calm down about since everyone is happy anyway, but I was on a chocolate sugar high! It got me riled up. It's just life events for some of my friends are not moving along the way I had imagined or want them to, so I feel that since our lives are at different stages, we are not able to relate to each other's life situations to give advice or valid opinions, the way we could in high school.
  We're either single and working, dating and working, or just married and pregnant! Married for a couple years and moving all the time in our own crazy adventures (that's us!) or married for almost five years with a little baby. Michael had his turn to vent after that, but was talking about ways to "fix" a bunch of the problems with the government. If only it were that easy. =)
  The fancy houses of Porter Ranch. They are very pretty- we drove through the nice neighborhood areas a few times over the summer when we talked about buying a house there "one day". Of course it would have taken us 50 years just to save up for a 20% down payment, so I'm super happy that we are moving back East so we can buy a house for a reasonable amount!
 ^^ Shnooks, don't fall off the crackling cliff! ^^
Ooooh, and we saw a bunny!
That's all.

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