Thursday, September 26, 2013

Canon Photo Printer

Michael keep asking me if I had written a blog post yet about the little printer we picked up at Best Buy on Tuesday night. He bought it mainly to keep track of continuity of make up effects for the goat movie he is working on in a few weeks. Michael is also working on a different project this weekend with Mark Whitten- the main actor from "A Light in the Darkness", the Star Wars fan film!

It's a Canon Selphy CP900 Compact Printer that we bought. It's only 5" in height x 7" in width x 2.4" in depth! We almost walked right past it on the display shelf, hidden between the regular sized printers. Here are some pictures I took of it yesterday. Michael and I tested it out Tuesday night, then he showed me how to use it. I believe we paid $99 for the printer = tax deductible! ;)
The extra pictures and ink had to be purchased separately, although they come in the same box.
But 108 pictures (all 4x6) plus three ink cartridges for $36, sounds like a great deal to me!
 What's this? An old Gameboy? Nope, it's a tiny printer!
 The picture gets printed one color at a time. It slides back and forth through the front of
the printer and almost all of the way out the back. Yellow is the first color it prints.
 The photo tray came with 5 free photo pages. Yippee!
There are a few different ways to get a picture onto the Canon Selphy printer before you print it. You can even edit the picture through the printer. But I prefer to use all my cool editing effects on PicMonkey, like I have for the past year and a half. Our examples are seen below:
#1 ~ use the WiFi from your cell phone to send the photo to the printer. If your phone doesn't have WiFi, I believe there is a place to connect a Firewire cable.
#2 ~ (my way) Edit the pictures on your computer, save them to a USB, then print them. However, my two photos were separate files. Michael was able to put them together as one photo, using one of the printer menu options. You can also print 4 or 8 pictures (or a scrambled collage) on one 4x6, but then I feel like the pictures are way too small. I'd prefer my pictures to be no smaller than 2x3.
#3 ~ Michael took this picture of me and Sasha with our Canon T2i camera during his printer tests, then without any adjustments, popped the camera's SIM card into the slot above the photo tray and clicked "print".
The pictures all turned out very well. They look different in exposure only due to the glare from the window when I took the pictures of the pictures taped to the wall. So, what do you think? Are you sold? Only note.. don't use it on a hardwood floor. Even from simply sitting there for these few "model" pictures, it got a little scratched up on the bottom.

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