Friday, September 20, 2013


A couple weeks ago I bought Tofu Fettuccine from the grocery store, which can be found in the cheese section. They didn't have the Miracle Noodles I was looking for, but figured for only $1.30, I could try these out instead. I will start off by saying that I would not recommend them. One of the girls from work told me to drain them (they come packed in water), rinse them to get rid of the fishy smell, then put them into a pot of boiling water. I did all of that and it did not make them feel any different, but the fishy smell did go away.
I added all of the seasonings (garlic powder, oregano and parsley) into the draining bowl with the noodles. I later added tomato sauce and corn, in hopes that all the mix of flavors would distract me from the (lack of) taste of the noodles. But the wormy texture of the noodles could not be ignored, which led me to laughing and asking Michael to take these pictures:
It reminded me of the episodes of Survivor, that my family used to watch together way back when it was a newer show, where the contestants have to eat different kinds of bugs. I couldn't even get the noodles down. They were so squishy, plus its not like I am a huge fan of Fettuccine pasta in the first place, whether it's made with tofu or Alfredo. So no, I did not win the reward of a Mountain Dew and a bag of Doritos. I probably would have gotten voted off for letting my team down. Even Sasha wouldn't get near them! Luckily, I did think the garlic toast that I made was very tasty.


  1. More good 'presentation' photos. And the three photos of you eating the noodles - priceless! Thanks to Michael for catching those moments. -D

  2. The one picture of Sasha is just to funny!