Sunday, September 1, 2013

Scooter Pie

I really enjoyed Friday because I got to run errands and got two pretty dresses from Ross. One of them was marked down to $7, yeah. Yesterday was a great morning too because I was able to snatch another one of Ruth's stray kittens. There were at least six cats on our from porch when I got home from work, but this one ran into the wrong corner of the fence- where there were a few pots- so he couldn't get through like the other cats and I scooped him up!! (On my errands I bought a Grumpy Cat shirt at Walmart for $7 too since I wanted to copy THIS project. But I don't run, so I'm thinking about painting "HIKE." on one of my other tank tops.)
This kitten wasn't as sick as the other two brown ones I had caught before, which is good. He was breathing fine and was able to open both eyes, he was just really skinny. For a while he stayed curled up in a ball and didn't like me getting close to him, but after we took some pictures and I forced him to take a nap on my stomach. He later moved to the floor, and snuggled up to my side in the blanket I wrapped around us, resting his head on my arm, the way Sasha does. Then he stretched out all comfy.
I texted Lacey about the kitten and after our nap, she texted me back, asking if I could bring him over. Of course, but I had to take some more pictures first. When I told him that we had to leave, he was like "Nooo!" and crawled over and behind the books on my shelf. I moved some of the books, but kitty kept scooting back to hide. Then in the car, he crawled into my lap, up my shirt and sat in the gap under the headrest. I had to use the jaws of life to pry his tiny claws out from the seat. But once we got inside Lacey's house, kitty was eager to chow down on some crunchy food!
Tonight before Michael and I ran a couple more errands (for a zucchini, different flavored almonds and delicious Campbell's Gouda Bisque and Chicken soup- oh, you must try it!) and then walked a few laps around the school, he took some pictures of me to show off the front and back of my finished tank. It was very simple- which makes it even better! And I used some of the extra pink ribbon to put a bow in my hair at work last night, with matching eyeshadow and my black & white kitty button up from Forever 21. Oooh, I looked so pretty.

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  1. I LOVE your grumpy cat tshirt, and your kitty is so cute! Glad the tutorial provided you with some inspiration :)