Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Chicken Boobs

Tonight I wanted to try another new dish. There wasn't really a recipe that I followed since it's easy to tell what to do, just by looking at a picture. I cut the chicken breast in half - "butterflied'. I learned that term from Ruth's Chris steak house. Then put whipped cream cheese (instead of shredded cheese) and ripped up pieces of spinach from my salad container, in the middle and folded the chicken shut. I used tooth picks to hold it together and I cooked it in the toaster oven for 40 minutes at 375 degrees. I saved it as my meal for work. Another December dinner for the fam? ;) It turned out really yummy!!
However, the Crispy Zucchini appetizers that Michael helped me make last week (after I set off the fire alarm from the first batch) were not so yummy. But they were worth a shot and I figured I'd arrange them nicely for a picture since I did go through the "trouble" of crushing up my own croutons, like an Amish lady. Here are the recipes I mainly followed for this ~ for the Breadcrumbs (I used plain bagels) and for the Zucchini Mix.
I've been trying to make my dishes look fancy for the pictures I post by adding garnish. Here I grouped together a small "purple lettuce" salad (the pieces I always throw away because it tastes spicy) with a drizzle of Italian dressing. For the chicken I arranged a few almonds and a side of corn- fresh off the cob, since that's healthier than getting it from a can, right?

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  1. You are doing a splendid job of presentation. Restaurant worthy, I'd say. And magazine worthy. The chicken appeals to me. -D