Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Fashion Cow

A couple weeks ago I was trying to find something to do with my favorite pair of shorts. They are longer than most hoochy shorts that stores sell, but when I checked a few months ago at Kohl's, they didn't have the same SO brand as when I bought them. I have had them for over two years, but since I wore them all the time they have little rips and a couple bigger holes in them, and I know I would regret it if I throw them away. Plus I also don't want to spend money on new jean shorts.
I found some cool pictures online when I looked up "bleached shorts". This morning I did a dark-to-light fade with a second pair of shorts that I was mostly "eh" about and didn't wear as often, since I do prefer light colored jeans over dark. I copied this website and it's taken me a total of an hour so far, between bleaching, rinsing, washing and drying. Not bad. It turned out looking a little like cow hide designs, I think, which is fine. For my favorite shorts, instead of dunking them in the bowl like the dark ones, I used a toothbrush to splatter different areas, then scrubbed bleach into certain areas that looked dirty before and also onto the back pockets.
Michael helped me pick out this great Liquid Stitch glue from the craft store, so I spent maybe 30 minutes lining the inside of my shorts, covering all the "weak" spots, using pieces of fabric that I bought last week for another project (for Halloween)! I was going to use a white doily to cover the hole in the front of my favorite shorts, but we couldn't find any doilies, so I sewed on a pale pink flower instead. Ironically, I even kind of like the cow shorts better now.
>> I need to mention that things with Michael and I have been extra good lately. Today when we ran errands together he would kiss me on the cheek at random times and held the door for me and grabbed my hand each time we walked around. Maybe that's because I was being "all sexy" last night and helping a bunch with the molds for his latest project!

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