Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Exposition Rose Garden

I had been wanting to come here since I found out that the fountain was used in a Season 4 episode of Glee. I can't find any behind the scenes pictures, so you'll just have to trust me! ;) But also Michael was the one who was like "They used this in Bones too, as part of the outside of the Jeffersonian." He was right and I hadn't even noticed, although I can't find any good pictures or video of that either.
Before I took this picture on the bench, Michael said, "I bet Bones sat here." Ha, maybe!
Or the ever so handsome, David Boreanaz, who plays FBI Special Agent Seely Booth.
I would say that it might have been better to go towards the beginning of the year- in April- when the weather was cooler and the yard was opened again after the pruning of the roses. They looked kind of dead when we were here last Tuesday (September 10th), but it was still cool walking around. However, the weather felt really good this day, being about 87 degrees, compared to the 104 days we had the week before! And it seems much hotter in the Valley without any clouds.

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