Wednesday, September 18, 2013

the History of Animals

On Tuesday the 10th, Michael and I took advantage of the museums being next to each other and after we checked out the Science Center, we walked over to the National History Museum in Los Angeles. I read that the History Museum was FREE every Tuesday in September (although the girl seemed upset when we didn't have any cash for a donation). So it was amazing that my scheduled days off at work have been Mondays and Tuesdays! Here is a mix of the African Mammals and the North American Mammals, which were in separate rooms. I guess they switch them out sometimes because on the website they have pictures of animals I don't remember seeing. But I loved the small baby animals the best- they were so cute!
I thought the stuffed animals looked so good, especially with the trees and rocks and plants. The way they posed them and had them interacting with each other. I wish some of the lights had been brighter. Some of my pictures didn't come out well because the "cage" was so dim. Something our donation could have gone towards, if we had given one. Michael thought it would have been cool if the winter cages had fake snow lightly falling. I agreed. (To save me time here, I didn't really edit any of these pictures.)

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