Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Hollywood Reservoir

Here is a post I have been meaning to add for a while, considering the pictures are from August 11th! This would have been Day #4 of my Lifestyle Change (today is Day #27). Oh, I was so young back then and I have grown so much since. We passed this area a few times on the way up to posing in front of the Hollywood Sign, as most tourists do. And one day we saw people walking around by this lake. The path was a paved road, not more of a trail, which we prefer, and it's pretty far from the lake. I thought it would be much closer and we hadn't noticed a chain link fence before. The view was still nice enough and made me wish I could have jumped into the water.
A sign at the beginning said the full perimeter is 3.3 miles, but it didn't seem like that far. However, from walking laps around the school, I learned that 4 miles only takes me an hour, so maybe we did walk around the whole lake? We didn't love it, but we didn't hate it. Although we go to Griffith Park the most, it's probably my favorite. You can see so much from those mountains. The reservoir was just another "trail" we got to check off ~ with many more to travel over the next 80-ish days.

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