Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Engagement 2010

Three years ago from today Michael took me to the Harry P. Leu gardens in Orlando for the first time. He asked me to dress up nice and brought the camera. We had recently moved our wedding date up to May 7th 2011 from September 24th. And although I already had my wedding dress picked out, he hadn't "put a ring on it". Haha. Walking around the Rose Garden, I almost said, "This would be a nice place to be proposed to." But luckily I kept my mouth shut, because only a few minutes later, he did! Oh, I cried so much and he had already asked me at least 20 times before then, to be sure I would say "Yes" for the real thing. I would marry Michael every single day if I could!
Tonight I was able to send a long message to a close friend with a list of reasons how I knew Michael was The One, getting to retell stories of the many times he got me to fall more in love with him while we were dating, engaged, and still now that we are married. Ugh, just that smile. *wipes a sappy tear from my eye* Well, here are some extra pictures from the Arboretum in Arcadia last week!
There are a lot that I took, and a bunch of good ones too, but these (shown above) are my second favorites. I added more green plant and tree pictures to show off this time, because after all, an arboretum is a botanical garden devoted to trees. ** Also, a quick HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHOUT OUT to my brother's awesome girlfriend, Jacquie!! **


  1. Thank you for the awesome shout out! Also, it's funny how you said you were gonna say how this would be a nice place to be proposed to, and then it happened. That's a pretty big coincidence, it's almost like you two think alike =P. Hope all is going well, and thanks for the chat yesterday! I feel special because I have now gotten two birthday wishes from you! =D

  2. The years have gone by quickly. And many more to come.
    Enjoyed the pretty garden pictures too. -D