Tuesday, September 17, 2013

California Science Center

Our sleep schedules got really messed up last Monday night, so on Tuesday the 10th, we woke up later than I had wanted. An hour later I felt really bad, because I often complain that he doesn't wake up soon enough, but then he ends up waiting on me, since I take forever to do my make up or decide what to wear. And it's times like that when I am so grateful that he is patient with me. Once we were in the car, I did thank him for that.
Michael liked the Science Center a lot (which we went to before the Exposition Gardens) since it had a bunch of information about planes and model planes that he could look at and read about. I was glad because normally he just gets dragged along, since I want to actually see the big places around LA. I now only have 2 months and 3 days to be a "tourist" before we move, and it's no fun going by myself! I think he liked the Nasa parts too. To me the space suit on the right looks like something Michael Jackson would have worn in a music video, but it was really a Project Mercury training suit used around 1960. The one on the left was worn by Thomas K. Mattingly during the Apollo 16 lunar mission. It has 21 layers and weighs 185 pounds!
^^ The video here explained that the kitchen set up had a "hydrator" which put water back into
the astronaut's food or cereal. There was also a pair of plastic slippers bolted to the floor,
so they could stand there to make food without floating around due to the lack of gravity. ^^
There was an area that we walked through with live fish and iguanas and animal skulls and a little game with hooks in the shape of different bird beaks and you had to try to scoop ping pong balls. We saw maybe half of the Science Center and I wish we had time to see all of it. But I felt crunched for time and at 4pm we left to go see the Gardens and then the National History Museum, since the whole area closed at 5pm.

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  1. Good stories. Sounds like these day trips need 24 hours! So much to see, when you know what's out there. -D